Episode 7: Working For Students With Disabilities With Jules Csillag

If you struggle with your students reading abilities or want to learn more about how to work effectively with students with disabilities such as dyslexia this episode is for you!  Jules Csillag, an educator and speech and language pathologist shares her insight into working with students that have disabilities.  We discuss misconceptions, most important skills, strategies and tools to use in working with these students!

I had a great time discussing what is actually a pretty daunting topic for me. Admittedly I sometimes struggle with differentiation in the classroom and how to best address the needs of students that struggle with basic skills such as reading at the high school level.  However this episode applies to both elementary and high school levels and I was able to take away some important information that I did not know before from Jules.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • The most common misconceptions of students with disabilities
  • The critical areas to address when working with these students
  • Strategies and specific tools you can implement TOMORROW

Links and Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Differentiated Reading Instruction: Strategies and Technology Tools to Help All Students Improve

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 (Jules Book!)
Episode 7 Worksheet (complete for PGP points)

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Understood.org (site for parents and educators with tools for supporting diverse learners)

dyslexicadvantage.org (information about benefits of LD’s)

eyetoeyenational.org (a mentoring organizatio)

University of Michigan Success Stories

 Follow Jules on Twitter @Julesteaches

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